“When I see the rainbow in the clouds…”

What happens when you see a rainbow?

Do you chase it, or stop in your tracks to drink in its beauty?

Is it just another light show, a momentary magic without real significance?

When God sees it he says, “I will remember the eternal covenant between God

and every living creature on earth.” (Gen. 9:16)

It is a banner flying over us from eternity, painted with colors so pure, they are

unearthly, and a symbol of celebration. There had been a war, and devastation so

vast that all seemed lost. But heaven made peace with earth, FOREVER!

Noah had built an altar and offered a sacrifice of thanksgiving to celebrate a

second chance for all of mankind walk upon the earth, to be fruitful and multiply.

John and I have both been given more than our share of second chances in life.

We stay close under the banner of His love and mercy, as pictured above on a trip to

Yosemite with friends a few years back. We had to stop and let the beauty overshadow us.

Today we are celebrating the offering of our life story together to the Lord,  the publication of Book One,

“Love Song of a Flower Child”, and pray it will demonstrate the wonder of His Love for us,

his frail creatures, who needed to be rescued from the wreckage of our own lives.


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