Reflecting on the Mysteries of Birth and Death

“All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind.” Kahlil Gibran 

This is a holistic exercise in the art of seeing, and, more importantly, of perception. Is sight possible without light? Physical sight is not. Our eyes are the cameras of the brain. They have lenses that open and close according to the amount of external light.


Think of a child bursting out of its mother’s womb, having lived in darkness for almost a year, and those tender eyes being shocked out of blindness by delivery room lights. Some women give birth at home in semi-darkness, or some give birth in warm ocean water. However birth occurs, the child has left the dark world of its protective cocoon to inhabit another world of unimaginable color, intense sounds, and experiences being touched and stroked for the first time.

However, spiritual sight is supernatural because it depends upon our reaction to an unseen light, sourced from another world. Looking through the lens of the Word helps us to focus on the mysteries of birth and death.

FIRST BIRTH: physical, from the womb, an incarnation of flesh upon our spirit. Through the gift of our mothers’ body, and our father’s blood, we receive a unique identity and DNA, and become part of an earthly family. (Psalm 139)

SECOND BIRTH: spiritual, through the Holy Spirit’s power to regenerate and open our eyes blinded by the god of this world. Through the gift of faith in the Father’s Son, Jesus, we are born again, receive a new spiritual DNA through the Blood of Jesus, and are adopted as a child of God into His family. (*Those who have received the Second Birth will not experience the Second Death.) Rev.20: 6, 14.

FIRST DEATH: physical, when the mortal body, like a tent collapses, and releases the soul, which is immortal. I perceive this as a kind of third birth, when we leave the dark confines of our earth mother, and are birthed into a glorious new world of light, sound and beauty our eyes have not yet seen, or our ears have not yet heard. Through the gift of Jesus’ own Death and Resurrection we will receive a new spiritual body and live with Him and His saints in the New Jerusalem, the City of God, on a new earth, and under a new heaven. (Rev. 21:1) Behold, He makes all things new.


Can death be as beautiful and as terrible as birth? Death is our final act of faith in a loving God if we perceive it as falling asleep here and being awakened in another world. Remember, Jesus said Lazurus and Jairus’ daughter were only sleeping.

The first birth is bloody, wracked with pain, and yet whoever has witnessed the birth of a child, is awestruck by the miracle. Whoever has experienced or witnessed the second birth is awestruck by the miracle of regeneration. Whoever has witnessed the third birth of a child of God has experienced the miracle of angels drawing near, and of eternity overtaking our senses. The fear of death is swallowed up in shouts of victory.

Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of his saints.122737

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