Pounding on the 21st Century Church Door

A Review of “Building Civilization on the Bible” by Jay Grimstead, founder and director of Coalition on Revival, & Eugene Calvin Clingman, Administrator of the International Church Council Project, Nordskog Publishing, Ventura, California, 2014.

In the spirit of Martin Luther, Grimstead called theologians and Christian leaders to an “International Council on Biblical Inerrancy” (ICBI) in 1977. They included the following: Francis Schaeffer, RC Sproul, Norman Geisler, JI Packer, DJ Kennedy, Bill Bright and fifty others to form what he called a “theological army” to defend the inerrancy of the Bible.

This book is a compilation of 24 treatises written over a thirty-seven year period, the work of some three hundred theologians who met together and discussed how to combat the flood of false teachings currently sweeping through the portals of the evangelical church. These men wrote papers to deal with issues such as: the Kingdom of God, the Omniscience of God, the Atonement, the eternal fate of unbelievers, along with Socialism, Feminism, Abortion, and Homosexuality. They wanted to see the Bible applied to every sphere of life and ministry, i.e., in law, government, economics, the media, medicine, science, the family, evangelism, and discipleship, a monumental undertaking.

The crown of Grimstead’s life work  is promoting a vision for an International Church Council, modeled after the Nicene Council, to gather in Wittenburg, Germany in October 2017, coinciding with the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 theses nailed to the Wittenburg Castle church door which sparked the Reformation. It will be interesting to see whether this will become a reality.

I am reminded of a scripture in Amos 8:11 where he warns of a “famine of the Word of the Lord” brought by a pastor who is burdened for young people attending Christian colleges, who are incredibly ignorant of the scriptures and have a very fuzzy idea of basic doctrines.

In lieu of the foggy climate in today’s Christian circles, I think this book has a lot of research to offer in reaffirming the Faith of our Fathers. And in the present age of renewed persecution against Christians by brutally zealous Islamic militants, the next generation needs to be able to give valid reasons for “the hope within us”.






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One thought on “Pounding on the 21st Century Church Door”

  1. A stellar line up of theologians, Mary, but it sounds kind of heavy. Is the writing accessible to average readers or meant for Biblical scholars? We just heard about another book, The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah by Alfred Edersheim. Puts Jesus in cultural context. Not a quick read, but a handy reference I’m thinking. We need good communicators to digest this kind of material for us and teach us. (We need rabbis!)

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