People of the Book

Some of the common misconceptions and downright lies that Muslims are taught about Christianity are: 1. The Bible has been corrupted. 2. We serve three gods. 3. God cannot have a son because he isn’t married. 4. Jesus did not die on the Cross. 5. Neither Jesus nor anyone else can pay for our sins.

The Muslim argument centers on the many translations of the Bible we have from Hebrew to Greek, to Latin, to English, with so many different versions. A scholarly response is that we have many original Greek manuscripts from the 2nd C. and dozens more from the 3rd C., and all the current “versions” of the Bible are based on these original manuscripts. And the Qur’an has been translated into many different languages, and still revered as sacred, even though Arabic is the sacred language. Also, the Qur’an honors the Talmud, and the Gospels as sent from God.

The three gods we supposedly serve are Mary, Jesus and God. Mary may have           been in preeminence during the early church, and the terms, “Queen of Heaven” and “Mother of God”were often ascribed to Mary. Yet, the Qur’an devotes an entire chapter to her and the Virgin Birth. The concept of the Trinity (Three persons in One God) is very difficult to discuss until the scriptures are opened to the Muslim mind. They revere Jesus (Issa) as a true prophet from God, and his teachings.

Calling Jesus the “Son of God” is a stumbling block to Muslims. Yet, the Qur’an states unequivocally that Jesus was born sinless, and conceived by the Spirit in Mary’s virgin womb, without sex being involved. This concept must prayerfully be addressed using the Qur’an as our guide into the full revelation of the Bible.

Proving the historical fact of Jesus’ death on the cross will often dispel the myth that someone else replaced Jesus, or that he was in a “swoon” state, and revived later in the tomb, and taken to Heaven by God.

The death of Jesus becomes pivotal in describing the “blood sacrifice” God used as early as Adam and Eve in the garden as an atonement for sin. The story of the Passover clearly points to Jesus as the “Lamb of God” whose blood paid the ransom for God’s people, delivering them  from bondage and death.

Who are the “People of the Book?”  Both Christians and Jews are labeled this way in the Qur’an, and is not used as a derogatory term. They both had received sacred scriptures the Qur’an says are directly from God, and must be honored by every Muslim. It is ironic that Muslims should rightly receive this title since  they revere their “book” as a sacred entity in itself, that must never be defiled. They view the Qur’an is the last and final revelation from God, adding to what came before.  Hmmm….sounds familiar. Book of Mormon? Mary Baker Eddy’s Key to the scriptures?

Let us pray for the “People of Peace”, those Muslims who refuse to be identified with ISIS or jihad, and especially those women who are brutalized by the heavy hand of Islam. More Muslims are being saved now (since 1990) than in the last 1300 years! Jesus is revealing Himself in dreams, and using the Qur’an to open blind eyes to the reality of Isa al Masik, Jesus the Christ, their Messiah.

The 21st Century seems to be the time of their redemption.



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