For Lovers of Poetry

We Must Never Lose the Wonder

A Plea For Reading Poetry Aloud
Poetry must make music, or it cannot cast its spell. The ancient bards wove together words by sound and rhythm, sometimes accompanied by harp or lyre, to enhance the artof mythic storytelling.
Giving poems a voice in our lives can recharge the spiritual senses. The music of language has the power to startle us awake, gain deeper insight or create a new relationship with externalities.

Music reaches the heart first before meaning and sense can penetrate the conscious mind.Poetic rhythms capture our wandering souls and lead us into lands of fresh discovery.
Because poetry is polysemous, it may cause a fight or flight reaction in the linear mind.Poetry wants to rumble on through, overturn timetables, and upset the way
we view and do life’s business.

Poetry always seeks to lift the veil a little, and resurrect a sleeping soul from the labyrinths of daily life. A small flame of a poem can do it. Learning a poem, prayer, or song by heart will engrave it on your innermost being. It becomes a spiritual treasure, a resource to call on anytime and share with others to enrich their lives.

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