A Magnificat Morning

Today I woke up much earlier than normal, and John called me to the window. “Just in time”, he said, “to see this beautiful dawn”. I was absolutely breath-taken by the depth of color spreading out before us.¬† “It’s a rainbow sherbert morning” he said with a big smile, remembering his favorite childhood ice cream. Yes, it was delicious to watch, a feast for the eyes, the windows of the soul. I turned off the lamp, and sat on the little loveseat in front of the living room window, trying to remember all the colors before they faded in the rising sun’s glory. But these were colors an earthly artist would find hard to replicate. I couldn’t paint what I saw, but these are the words that came as I quietly waited in adoration….


Wakened by a magnificat morning:
my soul magnifying the Lord of Creation,worshiping at the footstool of my couch,
before the horizon’s altar, laden with a blue lagoon of silk,
 bands of singing robins filled the branching chambers all around me,
then moved in waves of throbbing praises, east and west,
weaving the shadowed pattern of fabric unwinding from their wings;
and the window, a portal of beauty above me, latticework  of gold and rose,
filtering the soft pinked flock of clouds, gathered into lace with lilac thread,
soon scattered ribbons of light upwards, till all was luminous,
and the day star ruled the winter solstice sky.








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