Jesus is Better than Ever

A Review of “And Now For Something Completely Different” by Matthew Martin, Hopkins Publishing, 2013.

As a lover of the Word, I was excited to read this verse-by-verse exposition of my favorite letter in the Bible, Hebrews, by Matthew Martin, a preacher of the Gospel, and a pastor. His book is indeed a labor of love, and also a faithful commentary on this very undervalued epistle. The First Century Jews who had accepted Jesus as their Messiah were still a fringe group in Israel, and had to endure persecution from brethren in the flesh who were the enemies of the Gospel. The author of Hebrews is known only to God, but brilliantly proves to his fellow Jews that the Messiah is “better than the prophets, better than the heavenly host, better than Moses, better than the Sabbath, better than the old high priests, better than the old ministry, better than the old sanctuary, and better than the old sacrifice”.

However as a self-published author, a dedicated writer, a constant reader, and a book reviewer,  I was very disappointed with the quality of Pastor Martin’s presentation. When Christians venture out into the public arena, they are representing their Savior, “who does all things well”. And so we should always strive for excellence. Martin has done an excellent job in presenting the truths of Hebrews for students of the Word, and relating them to Christians of the 21st Century. His insights are clear and God glorifying, but a plethora of small grammatical and spelling errors and typos plague the reader.

Martin’s passion for the Gospel is very evident and I pray he gets some editing help on his next book.

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