Castle on Golden Rock

John and I decided to dedicate the whole month of July to HOME IMPROVEMENT.

Every change brings an accompanying challenge, stirring the creative juices.

Things left undone got done, finally, and we were on a roll. June saw the completion of my dream: a raised garden bed. That meant hauling heavy concrete blocks into place, uploading rich black earth bucket by bucketful through our neighbor’s fence, and planting the seedlings I nourished in our mobile greenhouse. John is my hero-husband. A labor-intensive labor of love.


photo (1)


John reconstructed some of the old railings on our deck, and I helped to resurface it. What an upgrade that was from the battleship grey, half-painted eyesore it had been!! Our neighbor saw it and commented that it looked more like a courtyard. That set me dreaming about adding a fountain someday! And of course I had to redo all my plants to match the upscale, and paint all the rusted plant holders.

photo (2)
A warn out battle ship transformed to an Italian courtyard.


Next on the agenda was our tired old hot tub. John had replaced all the rotting wood posts, and ¬†removed all the lattice that kept nature from view. We added bamboo-like shades that could be pulled up or down for privacy and a windbreak. He placed¬†waterproof siding on the edges, and we painted it all with leftover boat paint we originally thought to use on the deck. The old stair rug had to be thrown out, and I added ferns for ambiance. We covered the concrete with green outdoor carpeting, and used a portion of the lattice to cover pipes. Each evening when we are home, we have our daily debriefings here, and relax with a glass of wine. Hydrotherapy is the name of the game. In the summer it becomes our “cool pool”( 98-99 degrees). John has found it so helpful in combatting his PTSD.

photo (4)
stepping up into an oasis of rest


Then we continue the conversation on the downstairs patio, looking out at the garden, surrounded by plants, birds, an occasional deer drinking water from the birdbath, and Pearl finding a cool spot nearby.

photo (3)
We finally discovered the downstairs patio.


We are castling up our old home on Golden Rock. Next on our list of remodeling will be to paint our dark wooden kitchen cupboard doors, bringing in more light and color.

Everything is in flux, evolving, and being transformed. Everything is a gift, and we are showing our gratitude to the “Giver of all good gifts”.

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