John & Mary 1:2 domeMary Stewart Anthony is an authentic flower child of the sixties, who moved from NYC to Berkeley Campus, lived through those riotous times on Telegraph Avenue, was an early experimenter with Leary’s sugar-coated LSD, and a former hippie who experienced conversion in 1972 during the Jesus Movement that swept through Big Sur, where she lived with her two daughters on top of Pfeiffer Ridge. This period of her life is chronicled in Part One of a memoir called “Love Song of a Flower Child: a story of redemption in the tune-in turn-on times of Berkeley and Big Sur”.

She married John Francis Anthony, a Marine front-line Vietnam veteran, in 1980, and he adopted her two children, Aimee (born in Berkeley) and Lucia (born in Lucia, a town just south of Big Sur). They recently returned from their missionary sojourn of 11 years in Latin America and China, having also led groups of young people to minister in Eastern Europe during the early 90’s when the walls of Communism had just fallen.

Apart from learning survival Hungarian, Spanish, and a smattering of Mandarin, they learned that every human being shares the same dreams and hopes, despite their cultural differences.They are “incarnational” internationals who don’t mind being stretched over oceans and mountains in order to touch others so different from themselves.

Mary is writing the sequel to her story in which she describes how this “flower child” met her marine. Part Two, called “Lovewalk:the Story of a Flower Child and her Marine””, will debut in 2018.She will be publishing her first book of poetry called “Golden Chrysalis” this year in November.


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