A Valentine Meditation





GUARD YOUR HEART above all things, 

for it determines, the course of your life.

Proverbs 4:23


We guard what we treasure with our own life: someone or something so precious,  irreplaceable, or  invaluable.

But guard it from what? Oh my….so many things, events, people. Guard it from hatred and bitterness or you will poison your own soul and the souls of others.

Guard your own thoughts, ambitions, desires, and fantasies from selfishness and idolatries.

Your physical heart needs protection as well…from a dearth of exercise and a plethora of poor food choices. It faithfully beats 10,000 times a day.

Within and without: your heart is the centerpiece of your whole life.

Everything to do with life and health revolves around its core. You alone have the key. So guard it well.

There is an interesting history behind this holiday. On February 14, 269 AD, a young priest named Valentinus was beheaded by Emperor Claudius II because he refused to stop marrying young couples. Claudius wanted to keep his soldiers strong and valiant for battle, and thought marriage would weaken their resolve to die for Rome. Legend has it that Valentinus sent a note to his jailer’s daughter before his death, encouraging her faith, and signed it, “from your Valentine”.

A Poem for all my Valentines.

A Day of Many Loves

I cannot lump

My loves together

In a golden, honey pot.


My heart’s entwined

By singular threads

I will not fight to loosen.


Should I recoil

From sacred heat

That binds and seals with fire?


I will not ask

To be unwound and

Left unstrung to sing alone.


Each string I touch

Vibrates with song

My soul leans close to listen.


Fettered and free’s

The heart that sings

And dreams with wings unfurled.


Don’t forget to say I love you to those who least expect it, to those who hardly ever hear these words, and to those who find it difficult to believe they are cherished.




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