A Seamless Robe for Christmas

Wrapped as we are, body, soul, and spirit, in a seamless robe of being, we move from moment to moment, event to event, meeting others along the path of our pilgrimage, guided by the Light of His Presence. 

Jesus wholeheartedly consented to be joined with us: body, soul, and spirit; and we live a seamless life when we are connected to Him.

Seamless living is recognizing His hand, His voice, His touch upon each moment, each event, each meeting with another.

Imagine the God Man walking through Heaven this Christmas, and celebrated for His Birth, Death and Resurrection on earth. He still bears the wounds He received “in the house of his friends”. Angels can only look on those scars in wonder, as they radiate with the glory of His love for us.

The Incarnation clothed Jesus in the stained and broken cloth of frail human flesh, bonding us with Him as a forever family. He began a new line of humanity and His selfless act alters the universe, connects us to all of creation, and breaks down every social barrier erected by sinful man.

As the wrappings of Christmas are put away, it may feel like an ending, but John calls us to remember the very beginning. The uncreated Word, who created all things, became flesh and lived among us.

In this age of interconnectedness we realize this seamless robe in which we move and have our being is a priceless gift clothing us with health and wholeness.

We are healed as we walk in faith beneath this robe and no longer walk naked, broken, and ashamed.IMG_0988

“Let your work appear to your servants, and your glory to their children. And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us…” Psalm 90: 16-17)




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