Passport to Paradise

A golden passport needed to travel from this world to paradise.
It contains the following petition written in ancient Greek:I am parched with thirst and am dying; but grant me to drink from the ever-flowing spring. On the right is a white cypress. Who are you? Where are you from? I am a son of earth and starry sky. But my race is heavenly”.

The ancients had no road map, only a shadowy mythical path to the underworld, and they needed to convince the gods of their worthiness to gain immortality, and a place in paradise called the Elysian fields. This passport was buried with them and acted as an amulet against evil spirits they might encounter on their journey.

Images, dreams and visions of a paradise lost and found have always haunted the human race. The longing and hope for its existence has been encoded in our spiritual DNA, our racial memory.

Each New Year I return to a slow meditative reading of Genesis, and this year I added another dimension by listening to it on audio bible. My husband John has listened to the bible for thirty plus years, and gave me one for Christmas! Sound waves of God’s Word have invaded the atmosphere of our home.

I love to trace the roots of our heritage in Genesis describing the first recorded interactions between God and man. A beautiful pattern of relationships emerges connecting me to my spiritual ancestry. This is a golden passport for my earthly journey, guiding me through life’s dark shadows, until I am safely home in heaven, a place God has prepared for all His children.