Freedom is the Air We Breathe


The United States of America is rapidly becoming one of the few countries in the world to allow religious freedom. Here we are free to worship God according to our individual conscience. I recently read a UN report that states 3/4 of the world’s governments prohibit and/or punish individuals from exercising this basic right.

This kind of Freedom is an immense privilege that restricts us only in the way we interact with family, neighbor and friend. How do we handle the truths we hold sacred? Do love and respect constrain us? If not, we inevitably commit the gravest of errors: PRIDE, SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS AND INTOLERANCE resulting in wars, pogroms, ethnic cleansing, hatred, persecutions, fanaticism, and rage against those who don’t think as we do, or who dare to question our standards. There is nothing more dishonoring to God than cruelty done in the name of religion. When EVIL wears the mask of piety, or uses the “God Card” to excuse barbaric mistreatment, the ones who usually pay the price are defenseless women, the elderly and children. I think we have seen more than enough examples of that in our time.

This is an interesting thought: “The doctrine which, from the very first origin of religious dissensions, has been held by bigots of all sects, when condensed into a few words and stripped of rhetorical disguise, is simply this: I am in the right, and you are in the wrong. When you are the stronger, you ought to tolerate me, for it is your duty to tolerate truth; but when I am the stronger, I shall persecute you, for it is my duty to persecute error”.(Thomas Macaulay, poet, historian 1800-1859) In other words, the OPPRESSED becomes the OPPRESSOR.

TRUTH by its very nature doesn’t need defending, nor the sword to enforce it. Truth is defined as: A) 1) the body of real things, events, facts, actuality (2) :the state of being the case :fact (3) :a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality B) a judgment, proposition, or idea that is true or accepted as true truths of thermodynamics C):the body of true statements and propositions 3) a.the property (as of a statement) of being in accord with fact or reality. b. fidelity to an original or to a standard. Science and Mathematics only work on the premise that there are universal truths underlying the Laws of the universe that are waiting to be discovered.

Our English word for TRUTH comes from a Germanic abstract noun *treuwitho as in TROTH or wedding vow: faithfulness, fidelity, loyalty; veracity, quality of being true; pledge, covenant.
Therefore TRUTH is not necessarily a belief, but an actuality, and integral to a person’s behavior. Both Science and Philosophy attest to the existence of truth, and therefore, the existence of error. Where there is truth there is order, peace, and a rational logic to that order, a harmony that results in beauty and unity of purpose. Where there is error there is chaos, violence, irrationality, and cruelty to one’s fellow man.
There is only one person in all of human history who had the right to claim He was TRUTH INCARNATE….Jesus. And the religious zealots of his day killed him, but could never silence the words of truth He has given to nourish our souls.

The twin gods of Mormonism and Islam

I’ve been reading books on Islam recently: “Seeking Allah, finding Jesus”, and “No God But One”, both by Nabeel Qureshi, (a devout muslim convert to Christianity who recently died at the age of 34 from cancer) in conjunction with some notable books on Mormonism: “Under the Banner of Heaven” by Jon Krakauer (Into Thin Air) and “No Man Knows my History; the life of Joseph Smith”” by Fawn Brodie (biographies of Thomas Jefferson, Richard Nixon).

I was thunderstruck by the similarities I found in each of these religions. Normally one doesn’t say Mormon or Muslim, Joseph Smith or Mohammad in the same breath, but they are rooted in the same unholy spirit, the spirit of Anti-Christ.

Let me explain: (1John 2: 21-23)  I do not write to you because you don’t know the truth, but because you do know it, and because no lie comes from the truth. Who is the liar? It is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the anti-christ- he denies the Father and the Son. No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also.” 

I have also read the Qu’ran and the Book of Mormon to educate myself in the teachings and revelations they propose. They are both filled with skewed biblical borrowings strung together to create a further and final revelation to man.

The Qu’ran, transmitted by the angel “Gabriel”, denies that God has a Son, and that Jesus was only a prophet like Mohammed. The most important fact Mohammed teaches his followers is that Jesus did not die, either by crucifixion, or otherwise, and that someone, possibly Judas, was chosen to take his place on the cross, because Allah ultimately took him to heaven.

The Book of Mormon, transmitted by the angel Moroni, to Joseph Smith, a handsome, charismatic charlatan turned a “hat trick” revelation into a “native” American religion. The golden plates the angel supposedly transcribed were never seen, or found, and Joseph tried to create a “City of God” on earth he was put in jail and hanged for violating young women.

Both Islam and Mormonism denigrate and abuse women, both Mohammed and Joseph Smith had many wives, and both married child brides. The main functions of women were bringing children into the world or being sex slaves; they had no personhood except in those capacities. Mormonism teaches that Adam was God, and that godhood is the ultimate goal for every male, therefore there is no need for a savior. Women can obtain paradise only they submit to a temple marriage arranged by one of the elders.