God’s Dream


You know how it is among friends. It takes real intimacy and trust for someone to share their dream with you.

It’s an overarching vision that colors their world and drives the pistons of their soul to pursue that dream to fulfillment, and it becomes a reality (aka: “livin the dream”)

No one likes to appear foolish or radical or crazy, or be dismissed as just “a dreamer”. Yet they will risk everything to share it with you.

You hear the change in the tone of their voice, and watch them inching closer as if they are about to burst, and you can’t miss the firelight in their eyes. It’s compelling. They’ve seen into the future; a mystery has been pealed back, and seed is seen.

John and I have often asked Chinese students if they have a dream. In their study of English, they are required to read and understand Martin Luther King’s speech. It inspires them to have one of their own.

In First Century Ephesus, new born Christians definitely learned how to swim upstream early on. They lived in the center of Greek Culture and Commerce, surrounded by worshippers of the goddess Artemis, known also as Diana, patroness of fertility. They had to live out of sync with the values and goals of their society, just as we must do, plagued by the question of whether their little lives could make any real difference.

And then there’s the question of Jesus’ return. They may have been mocked, “Where is the time of His coming?” Then the aching heart’s response, “How long, Lord?”

Paul’s letter from a Roman prison reminds them of God’s ultimate dream through Christ…and convinces them that every detail of their lives [and ours] contributes (or not) to God’s Dream…A long range plan in which everything would be brought together and summed up in Him, everything in deepest heaven, everything on planet earth”. (The Message)

And …”that the energy of Reconciliation is the dynamo at the heart of the universe”. (Peterson’s Introduction to Ephesians)

“God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself, no longer counting people’s sins against them”. (2Cor. 5:19)

Has God shared His dream with you?