Loved Back to Life, a review

Loved Back To Life: How I Found the Courage to LIVE FREE

By Sheila Walsh, Nelson Books, 2015.


“On the surface I had it made, and everything looked fine-except I was not fine. I had not been fine for a long time. Even surrounded by others, I felt isolated. Trapped by a suffocating anxiety. Restless, though I couldn’t say why. Numbed by a frantic pace. I felt as if I was slowly losing my mind.”(5)


This is a cautionary tale of how a Christian TV talk show host, a Women of Faith speaker, a well-known musical evangelist, and a popular author’s life spiraled out of control. Her sickness had no name. Her professional “friends” avoided her because they could offer no cure for what lay hidden deep in Sheila’s soul. Her public persona had been crumbling. Once during an interview, she suddenly became the one being interviewed, and started crying when her guest asked Sheila what was wrong. Her heart a burst with an unknown sorrow, and now her adoring public began sending letters of inquiry about the nature of her troubled soul.


Sheila finally did the unthinkable. She asked for help, and checked herself into a psychiatric hospital with the blessing of Pat Robertson, the 700 Club host. She had to face the demons of her depression brought on by childhood trauma. Her father’s violent and unpredictable anger had caused her to retreat from showing her emotions at an early age. At times she actually feared for her life as her father changed into this tormented man, full of rage, and finally was admitted into a mental hospital.


Sheila’s “confessional” has given hope to many as she struggled out of a deep pit of depression in order to regain equilibrium, and self-worth. Christ was always at the center of her being, and she never lost faith in His power to heal.