After Kissing the Beast

Fire must first be tamed.

Fascinating as a Salome,

the golden waves of bestial beauty

undulate before our hungry eyes.

We welcome this warmth embrace yet keep our distance.

Remember, this child can become a man eater,

and a devourer not to be loosed

upon the innocent and fallen.


Like us it cannot live without God’s breath,

a wind that comes and goes in paths untraceable.

We feed on living things that spring up

from our planting, feast on slaughtered beasts,

and plunder the dried bones of earth.

We consume more than our share,

and with our eyes, more than we can bear.


The highest angel of our nature lives in the realm of Light,

the breeder of all life, and fire is its rebel offspring.

Light consumes unholy deeds rooted in darkness,

strips off our righteous robes hiding the stench

of bloody rags beneath,

a putrefaction of the soul.


Remember light consumes, does not devour,

and in mercy shows our need, heals the wound,

and leaves us whole.

With this kiss, we are transformed,

being touched by such a pure and gentle beauty.

But first we are blinded before we can see.